4 Ways International School Emphasize Balanced Education

There are so many ways to explain that international schools are better than the traditional local institution. Without any meaning to bring down the local school, some international school Jakarta Barat implement balanced education. That is one of the reasons why this kind of institution is better. But then how do they implement it? For Global Sevilla school, here is the information.

How Global Sevilla Implement Balanced Education

1. Character building

The main idea of balanced education is academic, social, and emotional balance. In this case, the institution tries to employ a character-building approach in its education system. It is with reasons to create optimized learning for each individual. Another reason is that one student to another will not be the same.

That is why character building helps monitor and lead students for the best learning method. The main purpose of the approach itself is to support learners in understanding what they are capable of. It means work, potential, characteristics, and skills. The positive character is also beneficial in creating an optimistic mindset. Thus, students can enjoy studying and gain better achievement.

2. Adding Value Of Life

The international school Jakarta Barat also introduces value during its programs. Every learning activity means to teach the importance of value in life. In this case, the school emphasizes Giving, Compassion, and Self- control as the basic value. They will give the learner an image of kindness, genuineness, generosity, perseverance, and resilience.

3. Mindfulness Approach

The mindfulness approach comes to adds more balance to the study. It is one of the concerns that students have to cope with stress and anxiety in school. To help them relax and have peace of mind, mindfulness will be a practice to improve or develop one’s’ behavior and academic outcomes. Being calm and relax are always known as the key to focus.

4. Appropriate Curricula

To make all of the effort and the ideas work the best, the school should come with the appropriate curricula. In this case, the international school Jakarta Barat uses Cambridge and Fieldwork academic curricula that support character building. The student will go through many activities that help advocate academic achievement, mental, and social abilities in the school.

To make you sure, Global Sevilla is one of many leading international schools you can find in Jakarta. The school believes that successful students are not only smart but also mentally and behaviorally stable. That is why it implements balanced education. It emphasizes the idea by adding mindfulness, values, and character-building in its curricula.

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